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Agata Mikulska Sienkiewicz

“Degas in a skirt” this is how Agata was described by Polish painter and essayist Zbigniew Bohomolec.

Agata Mikulska – Sienkiewicz; artist, painter, born in Pulawy, Poland. She graduated from Catholic University of Lublin where she studied History of Art. Currently she lives and creates in Warsaw, Poland.
Apart from painting, Agata is immensely fascinated with ballet which is extensively expressed in her art works.
“Since I remember, ballet was my biggest passion. What really captivates me in ballet dancers is their strength, determination, sacrifice and love for what they do.  Endeavouring perfection is what characterizes every great dancer.  Extremely hard work hidden behind the final effect forms the part of the dance art but also every creation in the wider aspects of our lives.”
In spite of her young age, Agata has already demonstrated her art numerous times in prestigious shows. The most important exhibition was the one titled – BALLERINAS AMONG. Her art works are now finding home in many private collections across Poland, Great Britain, Germany and Lithuania.
In 2015 her painting was published in one of the most popular décor magazine in Poland “Cztery Katy “.