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Agnieszka Słodkowska

Juliusz Kubel, a well-known writer and art critic, enchanted by the artist’s paintings, said: ‘Your works perfectly combine the lasting and changing aspects of life. The mixture of excellent composition and universal metaphors, together with attention to detail and vibrant light, the combination of specific realism and the impressionist nerve, make your paintings exceptional’.

Agnieszka Słodkowska was born in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland in 1973.

She studied Fine Art Education in Czestochowa from 1996 to 2001. She graduated with honours and received a diploma in artistic drawing under the supervision of Profeessor Jerzy Filip Sztuka in 2001.

She has her own studio in Warsaw, where she lives and works. She deals with painting, photography and sumi-e (Japanese watercolours).

She presented her works at numerous group exhibitions (above 90) in Poland and abroad (Taiwan, Spain, Ukraine, France and Slovakia). She has had 30 individual exhibitions in Poland. Her paintings can be found in private collections in Poland, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and France.

The artist’s fascination for the country of cherry blossoms resulted in the ‘Japanorama’ series- a painting diary of her travels around Japan, which was highly appreciated both by critics and the market.