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Vernissage de l’exposition parisienne des œuvres d’un trio d’artistes – Zofia Błażko, peintre titrée de la convention Art Déco ; reconnue dans le monde, récompensée par un nombre record de prix dans des concours internationaux, le graphiste Paweł Kuczyński et le non moins célèbre et reconnu sculpteur Norbert Sarnecki.


Vernissage of the Paris exhibition of works by a trio of artists – Zofia Błażko, a titled painter of the Art Deco convention; recognized in the world, awarded with a record number of awards in international competitions, graphic artist Paweł Kuczyński and no less famous and recognized sculptor Norbert Sarnecki.

Zofia Błażko“One of the most interesting Polish painters of the young generation. The precise line and the delightful lightness of contrast do not allow you to take your eyes off her portraits which referres to the colorful Art Deco style.”

Despite her young age, she has already achieved a lot of success – among other things, she was the first Polish woman in history to design and implement the decoration of the six-story façade of the building, which is the artistic cradle of the bohemian style of contemporary Paris at 59 rue de Rivoli. She has already had several significant exhibitions – London, St. Petersburg, Tirana, Dakar, Beijing.

Paweł Kuczyński – an excellent, internationally recognized draftsman, illustrator and satirist, honored with a record number of awards in international competitions – 160 so far.

An artist of extraordinary sensitivity, specializes in illustrations that ironically and sharply refer to social, economic and political issues. His works evoke reflections and provoke reflection about the problems of the modern world – stereotypes, inequalities, prejudices, violence, propaganda – and about the direction in which humanity is heades.

Author of many collective exhibitions around the world – Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Portugal, Cuba, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, Arab Emirates ….. Permanently cooperates with publishing houses in Europe, Asia and America.

Norbert Sarnecki – a well-known and titled Master of spatial form, for whom sculpture is a life passion. Using traditional sculpting techniques and figuration, he tries to show that art does not have to scare the viewer with a monster named: The Human Condition in the Postmodern World.

The artist’s achievements include dozens of sculptures, statues and statuettes that not only please the eye and heart, but also, without avant-garde ferocity, magically encourage reflection. Participant of numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions – Germany, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, China … and winner of many awards – the last one is the Satyrykon award for the sculpture “Kidnapping Europe”.

Vernissage: March 9, 2023, 6 p.m., 59 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Exhibition commissioner: Violetta Kowalczyk

ORGANIZERS: V.A. Gallery Poland

EVENT PARTNERS: Metal Merge Association