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Amazing find in Spain!

Amazing find in Spain!

Amazing find in Spain!

The discovery is in the Font Major cave in Catalonia in the north of Spain. Many of the forged patterns were created around 15,000 years ago. Among the carvings, there are about forty images of animals, such as horses, deer and oxen. Unlike other caves with such carvings, in this section of the Font Major cave, the marks are carved directly into a layer of very soft sand deposited on the surface of the rock in a hard-to-reach and invisible place – which explains why the discovery was only now made and why it is well preserved. Even touch can damage them. Some of them have probably already been destroyed. It is amazing that although thousands of tourists have already passed through the cave – it is a must-see on many trips – the carvings in question were noticed in October last year.



Archaeologists have discovered over a hundred animals and symbols carved into the rock.

Archaeologists informed about the find on February 7 this year, because it was necessary to immediately conduct preliminary research due to the fragility of the works. Experts determine the best way to maintain them, and documentation work is underway using 3D technology, which reduces the risk of further damage.

The 3 km long Font Major cave complex was discovered in 1853 and is one of the largest in Europe. Some of the caves are an underground museum open to visitors, but the section with the newly found reliefs has now been closed.

This is another impressive discovery made by archaeologists in recent years. In 2017, they found rock carvings made 38 thousand. years ago, considered one of the earliest examples of art in Europe.

Source: Artinfo