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Andrzej Bator

“In my drawings and paintings, the background is not a plane on which plastic sensitivity takes place. The plane co-creates the work and is one of the elements of creative expression. This analogy exists in drawings and painted paintings. This is the area of ​​my fascinations and interests.”

A graduate of the PWSSP in Łódź. He received his diploma in 1976 -workshop graphics and printing. He works in graphic design, drawing, easel painting, poster and exhibition.
The artist practices art inspired by nature and music, creates paintings and drawings. Takes part in numerous group and individual exhibitions. Works in public and private collections.

“The line is the basic element of artistic and creative expression, which plays an important role especially in drawing. It is a trace of artistic sensitivity, defines the contour, creates value. I am interested in the line and everything that happens around it. I play with a line. I try to develop the sphere of lines and strokes created on the plane, as well as strokes that appear on their own – emerging from the background and co-creating forms.
Just like in the paintings where the juxtaposed colors evoke shades of other colors, in the drawings drawn lines give the impression of additional lines, and all this builds interesting and surprising mirages. ”