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Beata Anna Topolińska

Beata Anna Topolińska is not a revolutionary artist, she is not affected by any trends of art. She paints in a realistic, traditional way. She believes that the art does not have to be unreal to correspond with the design.

B.A. Topolińska was born in 1968 and she graduated from the School of Art in Jaroslaw and the Department of Art History CSWU in Warsaw.

Beata is an educator, critic , theorist and practitioner of fine arts dedicated to oil and acrylic painting, lithography, photography and advertising. Her works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions, finding appreciation at home and abroad as well, enriching many private collections, even the insides of the Ministry of Education. Her series of paintings ‘ Mazowsze dance’ containing 80 works are considered as her spectacular feat of art. She was awarded and distingushed herself in such contests as : Seagrams Poland Zakopane and Warsaw and Amicii dell Pomero in Milan.

She has a wide variety of interests. She paints what she loves  and finds nice, i.e. dancing, stage situations,theatre,women, flowers..In her artistic work you can see her fascination with music. The paintings are romantic, full of sound and life.