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Behind the scenes of art 2

Behind the scenes of art 2

Another, second episode of the series “Behind the scenes of art” – a project by V.A. Gallery Poland!
This time, in amazing interiors of the Jankowice Palace, we talk about “What is art for?” – it’s worth listening to!

Violetta Kowalczyk in an interview with Daria Wiercioch, Dariusz Żejmo and Paweł Baranowski.

“Behind the Scenes of Art” – is a series of meetings in which, together with invited guests from the world of art – but not only – we will discover secrets, learn secrets, solve puzzles, that is, undress the world of art. We will focus on what is little known, ambiguous, controversial, i.e. what is happening behind the scenes of the artistic world. The aim of the project – promotion of art and its creators: painters, sculptors, graphic designers and photographers in the current difficult reality. The task will have a cognitive, educational and promotional aspect, it will contribute to increasing the level of sensitivity to art, but also to increasing accessibility …