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Calendar 2024

Events Calendar at V.A. Gallery Poland for the year 2024, featuring dates worth noting and remembering as they showcase events that one should be aware of and attend. The upcoming 366 days at V.A. Gallery Poland will bring forth further realizations within the framework of artistic encounters, featuring Great Names, as well as Young Adepts of the Art World.

Until March 5th, you can admire the permanent exhibition, and we warmly encourage you to do so.

February 14th (Wednesday) “Valentine’s Day” – we invite you to the third DATE as part of the series: “Romance with Art” with Pawel Baranowski. This event marks the opening of the thirteenth year of V.A. Gallery Poland.

May 17th (Friday) – Opening of the exhibition “Garden with Forking Paths” by Ryszard Kalamarz – Painting, who has been fascinated by the backstage of the ballet and theatrical world for years. The opening will be combined with a theatrical performance.

September 21st (Saturday) – PRESTIGIOUS EVENT – for the first time in Poland, an exhibition of works by the internationally awarded artist Damian Lechoszest. The opening will be a closed event and will be combined with an auction, the proceeds of which will support the wheelchair basketball section of KSS Mustang named after Dr. Piotr Janaszek. Fundacja imienia Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ.

October 19th (Saturday) “No Art No Design” – the second edition of the project, combining design created from materials inspired by nature with contemporary art, this time titled “Returns.” Co-organized with ORWAT Design.

November 22th (Friday) – Opening of the exhibition by a young adept of the art world, creating under the pseudonym Poppi, representing the pop-art movement. The opening will be combined with an energetic street dance show.