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Damian Lechoszest

…He likes to describe his style as impressionist realism. „Because I paint the impressions of what I see. I do not duplicate what is visible to the naked eye. Rather, I make this „something” visible” – Damian Lechoszest.

Damian Lechoszest – born in 1976 in Racibórz, an outstanding, internationally recognized painter, winner of many international competitions, including the most prestigious – Portrait Society of America 2020 – Certificate of Excellence /”Threshold”/. A graduate of the Opole University of Technology, interested in painting from his early youth.

While attending art workshops, he tried to study the psychology of perception and the neurology of vision in parallel to learn how the human eye reacts to images and how it registers and processes visual stimuli for the mind.
Portrait dominates among the topics undertaken by the Artist. He is interested in the human figure rendered in a deeply intimate and poetic character. The artist managed to create his own, recognizable style. The dreamy, almost ephemeral girls he paints are difficult to confuse with the works of other artists.
Damian Lechoszest’s works are compared with the works of old, famous Masters, such as Aleksander Gierymski. “His paintings feel warm, they are like a ticket to a journey to an old world that no longer exists, to a world in which we lived in houses and not apartments, when we went to the hairdresser and not to the stylist, we ate bread and not sadwiches. ”

His work enjoys great interest all over the world, the Artist’s works can be found in private and public collections on all continents. In Poland, one of his paintings – Portrait of John Paul II can be admired in the famous Pauline monastery at Jasna Góra. Damian Lechoszest permanently cooperates with art galleries in the USA.
In 2020, the Artist won the highest trophies in five international competitions:

– 2020 – Bold Brush Painting Competition – The Bold Brush Award winner / “Threshold”/
– 2020 – Portrait Society of America – Certificate of Excellence /“Threshold”/
– 2020 – Bold Brush Painting Competition Competition – Finalist – /“Life Lessons”/
– 2020 – Bold Brush Painting Competition – Hope – Finalist
– 2020 – Bold Brush Painting Competition – Andrew – 1st place