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“Dance the fire”

Renata Brzozowska

“Dance the fire”

The opening of the exhibition “Dance the fire” by Renata Brzozowska was an exciting journey to Spain – full of monuments, beautiful landscapes, shrouded in hot air and wonderful water, always associated with flamenco, corrida, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, excellent food and excellent wine.

The opening of the exhibition was graced with a performance by flamenco dancers – Kasia Ołubczyńska, Sonia Ołubczyńska and Wiktoria Sikora – graduates of the School of Dance and Ballet “Fouetté”. Antonio Cabrera from Casa Antonio – Borówiec from Spanish Culinary Center took care of the feast for the palate during the Spanish Day and the vernissage.

Thank you for so many participation in the event!
Photos: Agata Weronika Juska