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Daria Wiercioch

“Painting is for me: a tool for transforming and metaphorizing reality, for transmitting and simultaneously translating the image of the world seen from a chosen perspective, for telling the stories of certain people, for their fate, life, finding in it. It is an attempt to tell a human my way and try to find compensation for his own limit. It’s finally a great pleasure for me.”

Daria Wiercioch – painter and graphic artist, graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Design of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Poznań. Adam Mickiewicz, who moves efficiently in both the world of design and painting, which is her great passion and great pleasure.

Through art I show how semi-permeable, semi-transparent and connected we are to everything that is. Everything is connected, and together we all create the total consciousness of the planet – as individual organisms, souls, collective consciousnesses, fractals, nodes. I try to tell the story of man in my own way and try to find compensation not only for my own limitations, but also for divinity at the same time.

In painting, I really appreciate the mood and energy of paintings. I care and I try to ensure that my works evoke positive emotions and provide solace. Color is important to me and I use it consciously – knowing what energy charges each color carries.

Due to my lifestyle, interests and spiritual development, my life and creative attention has recently turned towards sacred geometry. And painting mandalas and flowers of life brought an incredible transformation in life.

Daria Wiercioch has had several individual exhibitions and participated in many artistic events in Poland, and her paintings are in private collections both in the country and in Europe.