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Dariusz Miliński

“Painting and artistic activity of Dariusz Miliński may surprise you. The creator in his works illustrates the borderline of reality and imagination, reality and dreams, truth and fiction. Using narration, she creates a fairy-tale world …”
Maria Kępińska

Rebellious, incredibly charismatic artist, painter, poet, actor, inspirator, provocateur and philosopher. “I’m from a different story” – he says about himself.
I am an acorn-chestnut folk, living in a hollow, built with my own energy, my own fantasy, my way. Hollow is my world, my pleasure. My family, everything – is in this hollow. I am a folk who cultivates something, scratches in the ground – often on canvas, but without any such appetite for the seriousness of the world.

Dariusz Miliński was born in 1957 in Cieplice. He is an artist by profession. In 1980. he got qualifications from the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. He has over 250 individual exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions difficult to count, including in Poland, Germany, France and the USA. He won many awards and honors. Founder of the artistic group “Pławna 9”. A tireless animator of culture. His works are in private collections and state in the country and abroad.