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Dariusz Żejmo

„ Painting of Dariusz Żejmo is an example of the authentic joy of creation. The artist is not only an excellent observer, but also moves with unprecedented freedom in any painting convention. In some of his paintings, we can see the echoes of medieval and renaissance art, in others the evident “traces” of impressionism, and in others, the extraordinary precision characteristic of hyperrealism.”

Dariusz Żejmo was born in Kożuchów in 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (specialization – painting) of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, where he live and work since 1988. He obtained his diploma in 1993 under the supervision of prof. J. Kaczmarski. He is the author of illustrations and covers for several dozen books, a graphic designer, covers and illustrations of children’s magazines. Awarded for illustrations by the Children’s Foundation – the DONGA Prize. Member of VISUAL ARTISTS IRELAND. Author of photo-graphics; he does oil painting, pastels, designs lamps, sculptures, frescoes.

His art works are now finding home in many private collections domestic and abroad. He participated in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad (Ireland, Germany, Switzerland) and in numerous painting plein-airs in Poland and Italy.