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Dominik Jasiński

“His great advantage is the efficiency and this painter’s ‘ear’. At the same time, despite bold brush strokes, his painting retains the linearity of drawing”
Andrzej Pągowski

Dominik Jasinski is one of the leading and most respected artists of the younger generation. Author of more than 40 exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Captivated the art community, authorities of the art world, has won the recognition of criticks. The number of the faithful fans of his paintings still growing.

The main thing is for him to paint, experiments with technique and breakes down barriers, takes risk. But as a versatile artist he engages in initiatives to promote young Polish artists and Polish art. He is a curator of the cyclical exhibition “Jasinski & friends”. Actively supports charity auctions and initiatives to promote Poland in the world (Annual Forbes Magazine Charity Auction, brest cancer related events). He is a member of ‘Proud to be Polish’ foundation, promoting Polish art and culture around the world. He also works and creates for fashion companies, most recently for the Reserved brand.

His art works are shown in a few stationary exhibitions (QUADRILLION Art Gallery, The YARD Gallery in Holywood, Northern Ireland, AMARISTO Przy Teatrze Gallery in The National Theatre in Warsaw, Van Rij Gallery in Cmielow).