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Ela Lechoszest

“For me, a painting is like a story that captures the imagination and draws the mind into a space filled with curiosity, excitement, wonder and delight.” – Ela Lechoszest.

Ela Lechoszest, born in 1986 in Racibórz, is a painter whose fascination with art blossomed when she met an outstanding painter – Damian Lechoszest, later her husband and to this day the main critic of her work.

Initially, the Artist published her works under the pseudonym Jan Gustaw. It was her invisible cloak that allowed her to research, create and learn, regardless of the opinion of the outside world. Over time, art began to become an extension of her soul, and the canvas – a magical land where a story was born. After ten years of painting under a pseudonym, Ela decided to emerge from the shadow of anonymity and sign her first work with her real name. It was like freeing a bird from a cage.

Currently, her painting is full of expression and deep emotions. She paints mainly portraits and still lifes, where she focuses in particular on painting light. She does not limit herself to her own creative world. She takes an active part in the implementation of projects, collective and individual exhibitions, sharing her passion with the world. Her painting workshops for preschool children are like magical messages, where art becomes fun and discovering one’s own possibilities.

Ela’s works adorn private collections both in her home country and abroad, but this latest event in New York has garnered particular recognition. The painting of several large-scale paintings for the Jewish community became the subject of an extensive report, emphasizing the significance of her work and her dedication to art, the mission of conveying important historical events.