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Ewa Jasek

“Ewa Jasek’s painting – drawing from the classics, it deeply immerses itself in realism and in a moment it settles smoothly into fantastic, refined abstraction… Unreal backgrounds, confident, expressive brush strokes sometimes combined with contrasting stains, emphasize the delicacy of the depicted characters, giving them an unreal, imaginary even character… This unique sensitivity leads us to the world of art, revealing to us unexplored meanders of feelings and impressions..” – Anna Agata Ciesielska, art historian, museologist.

Ewa Jasek – a painter, graduated from PLSP, PWSSP in Poznań. Ewa Jasek’s work is an extraordinary fusion of classic references with a modern, expressive style. The artist spectacularly combines several styles in her painting, giving the recipient a new value at the highest level.

Many of her paintings contain recurring motifs and symbols that hint at deeper meanings and invite the viewer to interpret the works in their own way, such as birds, which have been used in art for centuries and often symbolize a certain aspirational quality that distinguishes humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. This series of works by the artist seems to be definitely in the trend of tenebrism with a daring combination of realism and fantasy.

Ewa Jasek is also a cultural animator, curator of exhibitions and organizer of open-air painting events. She is also the author of the reconstruction of the painting “Ecce Homo” by Anthon van Dyck, lost during World War II.

The artist has numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands,…Hundreds of oil and acrylic paintings that have found a place in private collections in Poland, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia – this is a considerable artistic achievement of over a dozen years of creative work.