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Ewa Jasek

„Ewa Jasek is a portrait master. She spectacularly combines several levels and even styles, giving the recipient new value at the highest level. In the Golden Cage cycle, she created a real set of pure testosterone, because they are almost exclusively men. Top stars of world show business, among others Al Pacino, Brad Pitt or Pierce Brosnan by Ewa, seem even more masculine … ” – Łukasz Radwan

Ewa Jasek – artist, painter, a graduate of PLSP, PWSSP in Poznan. Since the beginning of her education, painting has become the most important means of her artistic expression. The work of Ewa Jasek, although it evokes associations with popart of the 1960s and 1970s, she draws aesthetics and even ornaments from the present day. One can rather say that her painting refers to the best traditions of the genre, brings in its own means of expression. Ewa Jasek in her painting spectacularly combines several planes and even styles, gives the recipient a new value at the highest level.

Ewa Jasek is also a culture animator, organizer of workshops, open air exhibitions and exhibitions. Parallel to her artistic activity, she ran the School of Young Talents for many years, as well as art classes in Cultural Centers. She is the author of the reconstruction of the painting “Ecce homo” by Anthon van Dyck, lost during World War II. She has had numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Hundreds of oil and acrylic paintings represent a considerable artistic achievement for over a dozen years of creative work.

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