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“Garden of diverges Paths”

Ryszard Kalamarz Painting

“Garden of diverges Paths”

On May 17, 2024, the opening of the exhibition “Garden of diverges Paths” by Ryszard Kalamarz, who has been fascinated by the backstage of the ballet and theater world, took place.

The exhibition is an invitation to a journey behind the scenes of theater stages to explore the secrets of life going on there. It includes 22 oil paintings, 8 drawings and 4 graphics.

“The characters from Ryszard Kalamarz’s paintings – fragile, evanescent and airy, look at the viewer with a mysterious half-smile. Among theatrical decorations, props straight from theater illusion, birds, masks, mirrors and shells, in costumes, they sit and stares into space. There is no trace of coquetry in them. However, they are aware of participates in a mysterious mystery – the mystery of life.

The “Garden of diverges Paths” exhibition is the 87th meeting with outstanding Polish contemporary art, organized by V.A. Gallery Poland as part of the “Marriage of Art and Business” series.

Photos – Agata Weronika Juska