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Grzegorz Siwy Pawłowski

Work on the sculptures is for me kind of a dialogue with a matter, during which I am convinced that it is the only real form in the universe. The rest is just our subjective opinion. 

Grzegorz Siwy Pawłowski –  extremely ambitious and charismatic sculptor, student of Dariusz Miliński, living and working in Dolny Śląsk.

He creates in wood, rocks and also metal. Nature and the world of fantasy are his inspiration.

He devotes himself to eagerly constructing larger forms for a long time. One of them is an eight-meter high „The spirit of the mountains” made from a steel, which is located in Karpacz, a huge speeding steed, an eight-meter high knight at Bodeński lake, or a wooden Trojan horse in an artistic village in Pławna.

The artist has on his track record also the first series of sculptures – “Truth of Matter”, which premiere was in the Belgian Vlask Gallery.