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Hanna Styczyńska

The most enjoyable and exciting image for me is the one I begin to paint, right after the next. This curiosity and the endless road is the greatest inspiration and joy.


Hanna Styczyńska was born in 1953 in Gliwice. She is a graduate of the Institute of Sociology at the University in Warsaw. She paints, e.g.portraits, draws, illustrates. She uses classical painting techniques as well as mixing them to create her own ones.Thera are some very characteristic drawings created using an oryginal technique ‘cast acrylic’ , especially those ones from the cycle of drawings called ‘Two’ and ‘Girls’.Paintings are not only realistic studies from the nature, portraits and figures but also works that are an attempt to present something less real like our memories, thoughts, dreams. Her works have been displayed at several individual and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

‘In 2010 the editors of ‘The Mirrors’ turned to me with a request to make the drawings available in the design of the 2011 calendar. A copy of the December monthly with Radoslaw Sikorski on the cover was packed in a transparent wrapping. That way, you could see the minister who had my girls on his chest. The view of a smiling minister longside my little women in each kiosk was invaluable for me’.