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Jarosław Kukowski

“He is the creator of intriguing. He arouses contradictory reactions. He is also a master of painting and a genius in precision mastering. His paintings are spiritual.” -Maria Dziopak

Jaroslaw Kukowski is a world-famous Polish contemporary painter. He is counted, next to Zdzisław Beksiński and Wojciech Siudmak, among the most outstanding contemporary Polish surrealists. His compositions often feature symbolic motifs, also used by Salvador Dalì, the greatest visionary of mysticism, and his drawing is reminiscent of the works of Michel Angelo or Dürer.

The works of Jarosław Kukowski include three series of works, described by the painter himself as “Dreams”, “No-dreams” and “Frescoes”. He creates in drawing and oil painting techniques. His characteristic painting effect is “trompe l’oeil” – an illusion of three-dimensionality perceived by the viewer.

The American audience is delighted with Kukowski’s work, hence his numerous presentations from overseas, including in New York, Miami and San Francisco. The artist also exhibited in Montreal, Berlin and Moscow, and in many important Polish galleries.

Jarosław Kukowski is the creator of the series of works “Memento” – four-dimensional artistic installations that combine sculpture, painting and working monumental clocks.

Each clock on the unique work of art, hand made, numbered and signed by the artist. The creative process is so long, that their arises only a few per year, which is certainly a treat for connoisseurs of art, beauty and design.
Materials used to create clocks: wood, plaster, metal, glass, Schlagmetal allow to obtain the weight not exceeding 20 kg, which allow them to be hung up on the gypsum board.

These installations have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, and one of them – “Clock XXIV” as a permanent exhibition, is presented in the Diocesan Museum in Pelplin, next to the one in Poland, the Gutenberg Bible.