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Jerzy Wierzbicki

This young (born in 1975), photographer from Gdansk, wants to explore the world in a marginal way, which – though it is right next to us – it is difficult to enter and it’s even harder to show. To do this, you need to gain confidence, perhaps in some sense become one of its inhabitants.

A documentary photographer, archaeologist, member of a few archeological excavations in the Middle East countries. He is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (
He received numerous artistic awards, among others: “Humanity Photo Award”, Beijing China in 2004; also 2002 Newsweek Poland; 2003 Polish Press Photo.
Since 2007 he lives and works in Oman as a press photographer in the Times of Oman and Arabic language daily newspaper Al Shabiba. Almost 300 times traveled in Armenian interior. He has cooperated with and BBC news. He publish wis works in National Geographic Traveler, Lotus 24 Magazine, B&W Magazine, Outdoor Emirates and others.

His works are held in the collection of the National Museum in Gdansk and the Art Museum in Lódź, Poland, as well as in private collections in Poland, Spain, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Sultanate of Oman and South Africa.