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Julia Myga

Julia Myga

… “The Artist has a great skill to use the lighting as if it was in her blood. She uses the light to permeate colors, illuminates them “…” The light does not fulfil the composition role, in her paintings, as did the American painter Edward Hopper. It is a kind of an addition to the color, that is what creates the climate of a picture “.

Julia Myga was born in 1995 in the southern part of Russia. She grew up, like she says, amongst paints, brushes, solvents, fragrances, talks about art but also in the sunshine of southern Russia and wetlands of the lower banks of the river Don. She was equipped  thanks to the genes with the talent and sensitivity to the beauty. She chose the direction of artistic education and graduated from the University of Functional Arts in Moscow at the Department of Interior Design.

She has lived and worked in Warsaw since 1984. She deals with easel painting, watercolors and graphics. There are some frequent motives of her works boats, kites, birds, water, beach and ballet, which is inseparably linked to her place of birth.

  • „Umbrella”
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