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Katarzyna Szurkowska

Katarzyna Szurkowska



“Through color, she releases energy and shows her own point of view. She paints what she feels, what she sees, what does exist and what doesn’t. She is inspired by the diversity of nature, the beauty of the places she has been and encountered people.”

A graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Zielona Góra, which she graduated in 2002, obtained a diploma in drawing in the studio of professor Zenon Polus. Associated with the community of artists from Zielona Góra, she practices painting, drawing and spatial design.

Katarzyna Szurkowska’s paintings exude a specific atmosphere, they unfold between abstraction and figurativeness – on the border of the real world. They surprise us by accentuates the aspects that escape our attention, resultes from the essence of painting.

Although she reaches back to the language of abstraction, the figurative element, the real world, remains the reference point. And form … it defines and organizes emotions. With great enthusiasm, apart from painting, she also builds wooden circus wagons. Both activities are a journey into oneself, giving freedom and space.

The artist’s works are in private collections both in Poland and abroad.