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Krystyna Małecka

„I am not trying to keep up with fashion. I don’t feel that I am obliged to seek something „new” in the art to seek  originality at all costs. I like Polish paintings of the inter-war period,  I admire the old masters such as Georges de la Tour, Frans Hals…”

Krystyna Małecka was born in the south of Poland. She is a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology.In 1998 she graduated from the College of Visual Arts. At first, her works were naturalistic but gradually they were evolving – the painter has been looking for new techniques and other means of expression_, she is leaving the literal meaning of art , a painting is simplified and it often leads towards an abstract art.She combines intensity of colours with her characteristic sense of harmony in colours and composition.

She participated in several collective exhibitions, her works were  also displayed at plenty of individual exhibitions.