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Magdalena Bieniek-Strączek

Professor Wiktor Zin, a well-known Polish artist and art expert, wrote one of her exhibitions, “… I am delighted with the illustrations presented by Ms. Małgorzata Bieniek, the great talent, elegance of the presented forms, precision and awareness of the target.”

MAGGIE PIU- Małgorzata Bieniek-Strączek – painter, illustrator, journalist, educated architect. The history of her painting started much earlier than she was born. Uncle Kazimierz Smuczak together with prof. Jan Rosen painted ornaments and frescoes in many churches, including in Lvov and Vienna. Her father was a sculptor, a mother – a musician, a brother – a painter.

The artist paints mainly women, and her graphics and painting are characterized by rich ornamentation and precision of detail. She has over 40 solo exhibitions and participation in many artistic events both in Poland and in Europe.

In 2003 she was one of twelve women selected from all over Poland in the action of “Your Style” – “I am a woman – most feminine Polish” qualified as DAMA XXI century, emissary of beauty and culture.