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Marcin Mikołajczak

“My art is closely related to travels around the world, from them I draw energy and inspiration to create. I try to capture the fleeting impressions and emotions associated with it. The works that I create are characterized by a clear texture and strong colors referring to the ethnic climates of distant lands. Thanks to numerous experiments that are still ongoing, I am using my own technique that gives my paintings a unique character. “

Marcin Mikołajczak – an avid traveler, photographer and painter who uses unconventional style and individual technique. His works are characterized by the depth of colors and the authenticity of the painted figures. A graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts in Poznan, he gladly travels to exotic countries in search of colors and impressions, in particular to Asia and Africa where he reaches places far away from civilization. He immortalizes moving and unusual images there with a camera, then transferring them to the canvas with sensitivity proper for himself.