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Michał Bajsarowicz

Michał Bajsarowicz

”Although the artist avoids “typical” beautiful shots, in his works you can notice them – this is the human body shown without retouching, with all its flaws, shortcomings and curves. Sometimes hidden in a thicket of lines, hidden behind a blur of color, but still real and timidly “poses” to recipients.”

Michał Bajsarowicz – artist, painter, graphic artist, sculptor, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, which he graduated in 1992 with a diploma in the studio of prof. Bogdan Wegner.

The main motive of his work is man as an eternal, inexhaustible subject, artistic deliberations from antiquity to the present day. A very wide and universal area, the main element of which is human existence. The artist refers to the subject of man, the human body in all areas of his work. They are not objects that seek beauty. Their aim is to “talk to the viewer”, and not only lead to aesthetic contemplation.

His works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, incl. in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Ukraine and Canada.