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Mirek Antoniewicz (kopia błedy)

„Mirek Antoniewicz’s paintings are gifted with a particular communicative nature and have the ability to relate to fairytales of the past and present.”- Elena Ferrario Scacchi



Mirek Antoniewicz was born in 1954 in Wroclaw, here also graduated and now lives and works, dealing mainly with easel painting.  He is well- known for his series of work: “My Place”, inspired by the photograph of the author, made in 1959 in Wroclaw’s Market Square.

,, My painting is its own way of explanation and deals more closely and understandable with the surrounding reality. At the same time it is a means of action, provides control over my vision of the world. It helps to sort out and understand the world, reveals more human “.

This well-known artist has to his credit more than 50 solo exhibitions and dozens of collective, both at home and abroad: Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, China. He also participated in numerous competitions, including the World Festival of Arts for Peace in Brazil in 2013, representing Poland of 170 artists from all over the world.