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Norbert Sarnecki

“By using traditional sculpting techniques and figurations, I try to show that art does not have to scare the viewer with a monster named: The Condition of Man in the Postmodernist World.”

Norbert Sarnecki – a well-known and awarded master of spatial form, for whom sculpture is the greatest passion in life. Graphics and Sculptures of the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts – where in 2010 he obtained a doctoral degree – having dozens of sculptures, statues and statuettes. Participant of numerous national and foreign exhibitions and laureate of many awards – the last prize of the Mayor of Legnica for the cat sculpture in the Satyrykon Legnicki competition 2019 Some of the artist’s realizations: relief prof. Jan Dziedzic – Academy of Physical Education – Poznań, Statuette “Jaskółka Forbes”, Project and implementation cooperation: Monument of Greater Insurgents in Środa Wielkopolska, Skwer im. prof. Zbigniew Zakrzewski – Green Gardens, Poznań – fountain sculptures, “A non-monument in assembly” – park them. gen. H. Dąbrowskiego in Poznań, “Lindley’s Bench” fountain park in Warsaw (realized together with Anna Sarnecka).