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V.A. Gallery Poland - perfect place to admire and purchase art.

Since 2011, we have been creating a new, unusual look at the promotion of art. We present the offer not only in virtual space, but at the same time we are a real and valued cultural salon.

We consistently implement the mission of sensitizing the audience to Polish contemporary art, both at home and abroad. Having the ambition not to do it based on traditional and commonly known forms of presenting artists and their achievements, we are constantly looking for new forms of disseminating art. This is reflected in numerous initiatives: a series of meetings “Marriage of art and business”, projects – “Art on / on / art”, #OnOff “, or involvement in the innovative concept of” Rent an Artist “.

V.A.Gallery Poland operates in the space of two worlds: real and virtual, drawing from each of them what is most valuable. Cyberspace is fast communication and knowledge, and the real world is priceless, direct contacts with people and an ideal opportunity to take a close look at real art, a sense of magic and emotions that it brings.

The Gallery’s offer includes works of recognized artists as well as works of the young generation just beginning their artistic journey. The presented works belong to many currents of Polish contemporary art. The gallery’s offer includes easel painting, graphics, drawing, photography, sculpture, applied art as well as innovative arrangement projects.
In addition to presentation and sales, we also provide consultancy in the field of creating interiors and creating private and company collections of contemporary art.



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How did it start?

Gallery history

09 March 2023
09 March 2023
Paris exhibition ``Allusion - Illusion`` A GREAT SPECTACLE OF POLISH ART in the artistic capital of the world - the opening of the ``Allusion - Illusion`` exhibition by a trio of artists - Zofia Błażko, Paweł Kuczyński, and Norbert Sarnecki.
The exhibition takes place at the 59 Rivoli art center in the heart of Paris - 500 meters from the Musée du Louvre and 1200 meters from the Centre Pompidou.
10. December 2021
10. December 2021
10 years on the Art Market! 10 years of exhibition activity have passed. On this occasion, the jubilee event ``In the Ten`` takes place. The celebration is accompanied by memories and a vision for the future.
10. October 2019
10. October 2019
Conference First debate on alternative investments. Among others, the analysis and assessment of the Polish art market and the profitability of investing capital, co-organizer - Metropolitan Investment
14. September 2019
14. September 2019
Auction The first auction in the gallery's history, which took place during the opening of the exhibition Arte Factum- Karol Baka. The funds obtained have been added to the section of wheelchair basketballers - KSS Mustang, operating under the Doctor Piotr Janszek Foundation.
12. May 2019
12. May 2019
Art Fair The first edition of the Art na / d / Sztuki project. It is unlimited and without any restrictions, dedicated to all Art Lovers regardless of age, knowledge or portfolio in this area. The event has the formula of a trade fair.
9. November 2017
9. November 2017
Jubilee 50th meeting with excellent Polish contemporary art, organized by V.A. Gallery. The exhibition is entitled ``In search of yourself``, its author is a representative of the young generation of artists - Szymon Hołubowski.
06. March 2014
06. March 2014
V.A.Gallery Poland is created Our online gallery, which takes over the role of promoter of Polish contemporary art. Therefore, the exhibition activity is enriched with that in virtual space.
12. September 2013
12. September 2013
Opening of Multiroom Offical opening of Multiroom - exhibition space which becomes a place of organising events connected with art. An exhibition entitled `` Elation`` is prepared for inauguration and its authors are Julia Myga and Anna Polonsky.
15. December 2011
15. December 2011
Cultural debut The first meeting of the Marriage of Arts and Business series, organized as part of the cultural salon and under the aegis of the Metal Merge Association and Metalmex. His guest is Polish graphic artist Ryszard Baloń, and the exhibition is entitled ``Eroticism in drawing``.

If you think that the best is already behind you, that nothing good will happen to you - I recommend contacting the head of V.A.Gallery Poland. This creative, energetic and understanding Being will surely awaken your creative enthusiasm and stimulate you to act. I assure you.

Antoni Walerych, Czerwonak, V 2016

An unusual place on the map of art in Poland. Because how many business owners can boast of investing in contemporary art and native artists? Great exhibitions and unforgettable vernissages. Thank you for open minds, creativity, faith in us, artists, wonderful organization and cooperation, reliability, heart, trust ... - I am asking for more! I would recommend!

Beata Pflanz, Poznań, VIII 2016

Thank you with all my heart for the beautiful vernissage and the fiery speech. V.A.Gallery Poland will remain in my memory for a long time - I hope that we will meet more than once. You have beautiful interiors, but I was most captivated by your hospitality and professionalism. Deep bow.

Dominik Jasiński, Warszawa, XII 2016

Thank you for making my dreams come true. Thanks to V. A. Gallery Poland, I saw with my own eyes the originals of the works of my favorite painters and I met their personalities. I recommend you for consistency and fine-tuning the details during each vernissage. For the charisma of the owner and her professionalism. For the ability to create and combine art with business!

Anna Majchrzycka, Poznań, III 2017

V.A.Gallery Poland - a place of harmony of two worlds: ART and BUSINESS, with people full of passion and sensitivity. They stand out from the blasé and fossilized institutions proudly called Art Galleries. To find out about it, I suggest you go to one of the vernissages organized here and feel the special, fresh atmosphere of the meeting of "spirit and matter". I am glad that I could host with you.

Karol Bąk, Poznań, III 2017

A beautiful space, perfect for presenting and promoting art and meeting friends. I am happy to take part in the events organized by the gallery, the professionalism of which simply impresses me!

Beata Wieliczko, Konin, XII 2019
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Personalities and Successes of the Year 2015

March 23 this year the 4th edition of the “Personalities and Successes of the Year 2015” Gala took place. An amazing evening took place at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, hence it was a doubly special event!

During the gala, the best of the best were awarded, with statuettes for personality or success. Violetta Kowalczyk, owner of V.A.Gallery Poland, was among the winners, receiving the award for successes in the artistic field.



Violetta Kowalczyk, owner of V.A. Gallery Poland and the co-owner of Metalmex were honored with the prestigious “Tarnowski Lion” award. The statuette was awarded for skillfully combining business with art.

“Tarnowski Lew” is an award that is given to outstanding entrepreneurs of the Tarnowo Podgórne Commune.

“Ms Violetta Kowalczyk successfully combines the pursuit of economic profit with the idea of ​​promoting Polish contemporary art.

On her initiative, cyclical meetings “The marriage of art and business” are held, which create an opportunity for these seemingly different environments to meet each other. With energy and consistency, she builds lasting bridges of understanding between the worlds of entrepreneurs and artists.

For years, it has been ambitiously creating opportunities to present artistic achievements. In unconventional spaces of raw warehouse halls, it shows that their industrial beauty is an excellent background for interesting installations.

Involved in “Projekt On Off”, she organizes a series of trainings for future designers in the furniture industry. It shapes the next generation of designers who move freely among modern world trends.

He strongly believes that art can become an inspiration for original business ventures. “


Violetta Kowalczyk, owner of V.A. Gallery Poland honored with the title of “PERSONALITY OF SPRING 2014”. 07.07.2014, Warsaw, Małgorzata Potocka’s Sabat Theater


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