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Przemysław Kaleński

“My painting is a matrix of experiences, emotions of the external and internal world. I draw my inspiration from careful observation of nature, processing and simplifying its elements, leading to abstraction and artistic synthesis. The space that I create with the leading element is a reflection on the richness of nature, its shapes, colors, play of light and shadow. Color in my painting plays an equivalent role to filling the shape with a specific drawing, but it is not always limited by that line. It is a way of constant searching and creative anxieties leaving a large margin of interpretation to recipients.”

A graduate of Painting, Graphic and Sculpture at the PWSSP in Poznań / University of Arts /. In 1978 he received his diploma in painting in the studio of prof. Marian Szmańda and graphic design with prof. Waldemar Świerzy. Since 1978 he has been a member of ZPAP in Poznań and since 2015 also EKOART. In the years 1993–1997 he was a lecturer and ran a studio of drawing and applied graphics at the School of Applied Arts “Schola Posnaniensis” in Poznań. As an interdisciplinary artist, he practices painting, graphic arts, applied graphics and illustration. Winner of the international competition “Via dell ‘Arco” Casciana Terme and Ressagna d’Arte Contemporanea – Tirrenia in Italy.

He took part in many national and international exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Poland and abroad as well as in the National Museum in Szczecin.