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Renata Brzozowska

“I am interested in the world of a woman, her body and her wild soul. I find femininity in a man’s world, dig it out and paint these emotional and intuitive journeys.“

Renata Brzozowska painter and draftsman, graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Poznań. After years spent in France and working for one of the local gallery, she returned to her homeland, dedicating herself fully to easel painting. The theme of her paintings has been unchanged for many years, it is Woman and Femininity and Dance – her great love and passion.
“Dance creates in me such emotions and energy, so much delight and admiration that I cannot resist it, I feel seduced, I experience it and paint. It is a personal inner prayer to yourself and the universe, which dances its eternal, archaic arrangement of steps. . . I am fascinated by nuances, sensuality, and playing with light and color. I capture my own states of soul, emotions and sensations in canvas frames. Being in the creative process is a kind of autotherapy, an operation on one’s own heart. I travel somewhere between passion torn from the bowels and absolute bliss.
I am moved by expressive flamenco, full of temperament, unbridled joy, impulsive, insolent, showing extreme, sometimes very difficult emotions from melancholy to madness. I am fascinated by ballet – the technical virtuosity of the human body, the combination of delicacy and strength. I’m attracted to the Argentinean tango, which makes the partners go into a trance.. My painting is about man, about the fascination with life, about what can be told by dance and body. . . ” The artist invites to “the land of painting created under the influence of admiration for the beauty of a woman, who is the holder of a unique inner magic and strength.”
Renata Brzozowska’s artworks have been presented at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands… finding recognition and enriching many private collections in Poland, France, China, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States .