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Rent an artist

RENT AN ARTIST -a place where art meets business
What is the „Rent an artist”?

The project „Rent an Artist” is an innovative program that promotes art, artists and companies that are socially sensitive. It moves on the border of investment in human resources (HR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and patronage of culture. This is one of the few programs where the benefits are both for artists, cooperating companies and their employees and local residents. The curator and initiator of the project is Piotr Michalak. Rent an Artist won the prestigious award at the European Culture Congress.

What is the collaboration with an artist?

During a month of the project editing, the artist is “employed” in the company, where creating is his work . The creative process can be observed at every stage. During work are created various interactions between the creator , the managers and employees of the company. Thanks to form the new realtionships are formed. The artist uses the financial security of a full-time company employees. In return he is required to do the job- create a work (or a series of works) that after the project becomes the property of the company. Completion of the project is open to the public „The closing work”, which is an exhibition of works created during the project. It can be combined exhibition of works by the creator created before and during Rent an Artist.

Why should you invest in „Rent an artist” ?

Rent an Artist has one of the best cost-benefit relationship. It is an investment that will pay dividends for years.

Benefits for the company:

– participating in the most innovative project in Europe combining business and art,

– the publicity in the local community and business suppliers,

– the image of a socially responsible company,

– the original, unique works of art that become the company’s property,

– direct encounter with art,

– meeting with the artist works like the training of creativity, giving managers the ability to increase efficiency by meeting with a different kind of approach to the problem,

– intercourse with values: innovation, courage, modernity, creativity, abundance, met expectations, responsibility, social sensitivity, artistry, openness,

– expanding horizons and personal development of employees.