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No other name causes such a sensation in the world of street art as Banksy - probably the most recognizable and at the same time most mysterious graffiti artist in the entire globe. The British artist, aged 45-50, successfully keeps his identity hidden, while his works gain recognition not only on the streets of global metropolises, but also at prestigious auctions. He is considered one of the most expensive contemporary Artists! The exhibition is open from August 30, 2024 MTP Hall No. 1 (entrance through gate No. 11) International Poznan Trades street Głogowska 18, 60-734 Poznań Monday - Sunday and holidays: 10.00 - 20.00 Last admission: one hour

On May 17, 2024, the opening of the exhibition "Garden of diverges Paths" by Ryszard Kalamarz, who has been fascinated by the backstage of the ballet and theater world, took place. The exhibition is an invitation to a journey behind the scenes of theater stages to explore the secrets of life going on there. It includes 22 oil paintings, 8 drawings and 4 graphics. “The characters from Ryszard Kalamarz's paintings – fragile, evanescent and airy, look at the viewer with a mysterious half-smile. Among theatrical decorations, props straight from theater illusion, birds, masks, mirrors and shells, in costumes, they sit and stares

We are pleased to announce that the Grand Prix SATYRYKON 2024 went to Paweł Kuczyński! This is the Artist's 170th award! In his work, Paweł Kuczyński ironically refers to the threats facing the modern world, while pointing out the direction - which is a painful truth - in which humanity is heading. —————————————————————————————————- In Poland, the artist is known for his covers for WPROST and Newsweek. It is also worth to know that last year his drawings were included in the examination test for eighth-graders in Poland and the secondary school examination in France. The Artist's original works are available only from V.A. Gallery Poland, prints