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Sylwester Chłodziński

“You have to love life very much and love to pamper every part of the female body, not carve but pamper, so that even the calf, belly or hand emanate subtle eroticism. You have to have talent, because eroticism is a work of imagination, and sculpture is a work of talent and imagination. Fate gave Sylwester Chłodziński a talent, so every woman carved out by him emanates the beauty, love and joy of life.” – Krzysztof J. Lesiński

Sylwester Chłodziński was born in 1965 in Czestochowa. He received a woodcut diploma from wood carving in the studio of Master Craftsman Stanisław Kijeński.

He use in his works wood as well as marble, steel, bronze and ceramics. He has been working many years in the profession of the renowator (eg Franciscan Sanctuary in Kazimierz at the Vistula). He participated in the realization of city monuments (eg Jakub Boehme monument in Zgorzelec, reconstruction of the monument of the Greater Poland Insurgents in Brzoza and Barcin). He worked at the decor and scenery of the Karkonosze Mysteries in Karpacz. He participated in the open-air art in Poland (the biggest head of  Mountain Spirit and the statue of Napoleon in Pławna, working at the decor of the Castle of Silesian Legends) and in international open air (Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Spain) and in a dozen individual and collective exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.