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Tomasz Kostecki

Kostecki’s respect for perfection and good craftsmanship has resulted in the development of his own, dependable, arsenal of painting means, which are most appropriate for the articulation of beautifully illustrated by the author of painting visions.” – Dr Wojciech Plewako, Vice-Rector of the European Academy of Arts, Warsaw.

Tomasz Kostecki was born on 18.12.1964. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Zakopane. As part of numerous exhibitions, the artist has had the opportunity to present his work in many countries around the world, including the USA, Portugal, Austria and Germany. Between 1989 and 1991 he collaborated with the National Heritage Gallery of Fine Art in Beverly Hills, California. In 1998 the artist prepared and exhibited a series of paintings on the history of the Portuguese discoveries at Expo 98 ‘in Lisbon. In the years 2000 – 2002 the Würth Museum in Germany purchased six works of the artist.