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Ula Michalak

Ula Michalak

„Artistic ceramics have their origins in China, Mesopotamia, Syria and Turkey. In a sense, the artist’s objects refer to these ceramic traditions.”

Ula Michalak – interior stylist for 10 years, cooperating with interior design magazines. Her stylizations were the basis of many advertising campaigns of prestigious companies, leaders in the interior design industry. As a patron of good design, she collaborated with the Milan iSaloni trade fair for many years, promoting the best brands and products.

Her affection for beautiful interiors developed her passion for ceramics and revealed her talent for working in clay. The works of Ula Michalak are a praise of the beauty of this natural material. All works are handmade, without the use of a pottery wheel. This ensures the uniqueness of each item and their organic form. It is the naturalness of the material, even the separate life of clay, which does not always give in to the artist – sensing emotions and mood – that influences the final effect of the creative process. The artist somehow surrenders to the cop or enters into a dialogue with it. She doesn’t fight, she doesn’t impose her projects too radically, but she lets herself be led.

Working with clay requires concentration, tenderness, peace and even love. It forces you to stop and get out of the daily rush. Clay absorbs emotions, which is why it is so important that only positive energy accompanies the artist at every stage of creating the work. With this form, Ula wants to give joy and a sense of uniqueness to people who choose her works. She believes that surrounding yourself with beautiful objects has a huge impact on your daily well-being, sensitizes and defines the aesthetics of recipients.