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Warhol of the Instagram era – Donald Robertson

Donald R.

Warhol of the Instagram era – Donald Robertson

Warhol of the Instagram era – Donald Robertson, aka @drawbertson, is a favorite artist of celebrities and the fashion industry. His work provided him with over 220,000. followers on Instagram, cooperation with the biggest fashion and beauty brands, as well as adoration of celebrities, incl. Beyoncé.

– If I were a board game, the first square would be the suburbs of Canada, then I left art studies, then I moved to Paris, then I became an artist of MAC Cosmetics staff, then there was New York – he explained in an interview when asked about the most important stages of life. In his rich career, Robertson has made a journey from the beauty world to the publishing industry and back again.

Although he has always drawn, he gained fame in 2012, when his assistant encouraged him to set up an Instagram account.

Robertson’s artistic world is inhabited by characteristic figures with tall and slim bodies, which have become the hallmark of his work. Interestingly, they also contributed to the expulsion of a cartoonist from an art school in Ontario a long time ago.

Photos: Donald Robertson x Westwing Collection (Photo: Westwing)