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Wiesław Bober

„Dealing with art is a need for me to fulfill myself, but also a mission to show my creativity to the modern world, and the art mastery of past eras. Going through the ruts of heritage, I am still looking for my own path, because I live in times, trampled roads and dusty values. In the matter of my painting I bet on the internal landscape. The goal is to extract beauty, order, exception, this gem from chaos, preferably with positive vibration.”

Wiesław Bober Polish director, screenwriter, graphic artist, painter, decorator, designer and visual artist, mainly animated films. A graduate of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, and the Animation Department. Representative of the experimental trend.

Very highly valued both in the artistic and film world. Artist with many successes- the last – animation for the loud – Oscar-nominated film – “Your Vincent”. Wiesław Bober as an artist does not tolerate addiction, that is why he constantly reaches for new, more ambitious tasks, fully identifying with the theory that everything has already happened, only the form is changeable.